Having a consultation offers the practitioner/therapist an opportunity to sound out ideas, hear new ones from an outside source and generally take a moment out of the workplace to breathe.   Unlike supervision, it is down to the practitioner to decide what, if anything, to take back into the work.

I have been offering consultation to a range of professionals who work with children, young people, parents, families, individual adults and couples for more than 28 years.   The scope of consultation has covered developmental issues for under 5's, general behavioural management of children and adolescents, specific interventions for parents with children who live with Aspergers and Autism, ADHD, eating disorders and adoptive families and professional issues arising for practitioners.   Although I am trained systemically, consultation is not limited to systemically trained practitioners.

I have consulted to a wide range of professionals who work in private, public and charitable status organisations.    I have worked for Local Authorities, Charities and the NHS, and been part of multi-disciplinary teams with a mix of professionally qualified and unqualified staff.   I am confident in tailoring consultation to meet the needs of a wide range of practitioner.

I have also undertaken training in Life Coaching and integrate these techniques in consultation.

Session last for 1 hour and cost £70.00