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Imago Couples Relationship Therapy

Couples undertaking Imago Couple Relationship Therapy will be invited to agree to some sessions being recorded.   This assists me in developing my skills through review and taking edited pieces for supervision.  This is always within the control of the couple who can withdraw agreement at any time.   Further information is available at the time of referral.

Couples Therapy

Working with couples has become my passion!   Imago Couples Relationship therapy is good for many couples, but can work well where one partner is Aspergers, and couples where there is an adopted child or children who are struggling with the demands this commitment brings.  

I am currently training as an Imago Couples Relationship Therapist.

Imago Relationship Therapists

Imago Relationship Therapists are trained to guide you to communicate and hear each other effectively, enable you and your partner to make sense of what is happening between you, and to move through difficulty and rupture to repair and reconnection.  

Whether you are experiencing significant difficulties in your relationship, or have a good relationship and simply want to make it better, an Imago Relationship Therapist can help.

Imago Couples Relationship Therapy

Good, clear communication is the bedrock of a successful relationship.   Those couples who invest in ensuring their communication is clear benefit from lower levels of conflict, deeper intimacy and sustained passion for each other.

Imago couples therapy offers couples a proven method of rediscovering each other, truly hearing the words expressed rather than assuming they know what's coming and stopping listening while they prepare their answer.   

Couples often give up on their relationship because they experience their partner as  distant, unavailable, unforgiving, withdrawn, attacking, uncommunicative, maybe a combination of these but certainly not the person they fell head over heels, passionately in love with.   It can be hard to work out what goes wrong when you think you are being open and clear about your experience, but listening, truly listening to our partners is a skill we sometimes need to refresh ourselves in.

With guidance this method is a good technique, when practiced regularly it can become an art, and at its best it's a spiritual experience.

Sessions last for up to 2 hours and cost £160.00