"There are few words to really convey what I received from you...I felt you connected to my emotional turmoil and allowed me to stand up rather than be pushed back down...Your persistence gave me hope...your investment gave me a sense of worth.   Thanks for not giving up on me!" -- Julie, Client, Bromley

"I just want to thank you for everything you have done for me.  You have help me get my life back.  I will always thank you for that." -- Leanne, Client, Lewisham

"It has been very enjoyable to work together, and I feel I can totally trust your actions as a supervisor and rely on your capacity to lead the group..." -- Adriana, Supervisor, KCC

"I've enjoyed working with you.   The thing I like best is your honesty.  It's disarming to find that a tutor with years of counselling experience still openly questions the sense he makes of things.  I've been impressed with the way you have listened and responded positively to even the most misguided assumptions...I'll tell you what it reminds me of - that stage of toddlerhood where it's important neither to hold them back nor push them further forward than they have the confidence to go.   The aim is to support the toddler as she develops into a more consistent and more self aware child.  It's like that with you.   Here is someone asking "So, what did you learn?" No criticism, no expectation, just a fascination for the process of becoming and an ability to wait for it to happen.  I like it!" -- Penney, Trainee, KCC